Edgefield, SC: Growing the Perfect Tomato 4/28

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April 28, 2012, 10 am
102 Courthouse Square
Edgefield, SC

Following on from DIY seminars and installation of solar light boxes, Monica’s Corner is starting a community gardening project as the next phase of its outreach to the local community for sustainable living. RSA Catalyst grant recipient Mary Altalo has put together a team to build square foot gardening boxes and has organized seminars with a master gardener, Tom Dix.

On March 24th Tom will talk about planning your garden, preparing the soil, and getting those seeds off to a good start.  This is a lecture you won’t want to miss.  A month later on April 28th he’ll tell us about composting and his specialty – “Growing the Perfect Tomato”.

Light refreshments will be served.

Tom Dix is a lifelong resident of Aiken, that is, except for the 22 years he served in the US Navy Silent Service.  Tom retired from the Navy in 1999 and immediately took the Master Gardener course which caused his latent vegetable-gardening gene to sprout, so to speak.    He has a passion for experimenting, and through trial and error has accumulated lots of useful information about watering systems, composting, container gardening and developing the “Perfect Tomato”.  Several years ago he became interested in organic gardening and started sharing what he has learned with anyone who wants to lend an ear.  Please come and lend him your ears!

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