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At the October 16-17 Networks Exchange in New York, there were a number of questions with respect to Chattanooga project development. RSA-US Trustee and lead Fellow in Chattanooga David Turner responds here with an overview of each of the current projects underway and the different levels of network involvement and ownership:
• Art with Dad – led by Sharon Turner; completely Fellow-created and Fellow-led. The project received a catalyst start up grant.
• The Broken Windows Brigade – led by Trey Meyer; leveraged a small amount of support from the RSA network to get matching funds and considerable community support for improvements in a distressed housing project. A video created by Trey and his colleagues to promote the project within the community has since gone viral: .
• The Chattanooga Stand project – Katherine Currin at Createhere, a local non-profit; benefitted from Fellows’ advice on how to creatively use the massive amount of data gleaned from a community survey and visioning project; Katherine is now developing a grassroots support system.
• Reflection Riding Lectures at the Chattanooga Arboretum Bioblitz—led by Nelson Irvine, a fellow of 40 years (and a third-generation US Fellow); plans to re-institute the RSA Reflection Riding lecture series on environmental stewardship and conservation, begun and endowed in 1968 in London by his grandfather, John Chambliss. The re-launch is planned with the 5th Annual Bio Blitz in 2012.
• Scholarships: Over the past 12 months, the CHA network has offered small scholarships and grants to support participation in local programs, such as Museum memberships for Calvin Donaldson students, small travel stipends for fellows, and RSA membership scholarships for young professionals.

David Turner, FRSA

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Robin October 24, 2011 at 4:18 pm

Thanks again David. May we also have access to the 3 presentations given on Monday morning?



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